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Why Won’t My New Website Rank?

Launching a new business website is exciting.  People are looking for information online and building a website is the first step towards improving your visibility.  When you launch a new site, you can really take the website in any direction.  It’s a smart idea to consider on-site search engine optimization right from the start by getting insights from an SEO consultant.  However, it’s necessary to understand that no matter how …Read More

Apple vs. Samsung: Why ‘Cool’ Isn’t Enough to Win

This battle won’t be won by the hippest brand. As Samsung shows, hustle and hard work matter more against an entrenched competitor. The newest pundit meme in high tech is wondering whether Samsung is out-cooling Apple in consumer electronics, as the South Korean manufacturer takes a market share league. The Wall Street Journal asks, “Has Apple Lost Its Cool to Samsung?” CNBC asks “Who’s Cooler Now?” Kudos to Forbes contributor Larissa Faw who at least asked …Read More

Why Your Mobile App Sucks And Will Never Sell

Peter Drucker once wrote: “because its purpose is to create a customer, the business has two — and only two — functions: marketing and innovation.” These words hold true for any business, including mobile apps. If you’re building a mobile app to become a successful business, you have to do two things right: innovate and reach out to customers effectively for your story to be bought into. There are many deal-breakers, but these six mistakes …Read More

Half Your Website’s Bounce Rate in 60 Seconds

What is bounce rate and why should you care about it? Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to your site that only visit one page on your site then leave. The average for most sites is between 40% and 60% according to Google. The lower your bounce rate is the longer your potential customers or subscribers will be sticking around on your site. If they’re sticking around it means …Read More

Michael Richardson Featured In RGJ People You Should Know

the following article was featured in the Reno Gazette Journal’s Sunday paper August 25th, 2013.  View Article on RGJ.com BACKGROUND In college, I started out as a chemistry and biology major. I took my first business classes and never looked back. Having graduated with a B.S. in finance and economics, I went to work for a hedge fund software company here in Reno. While there, I met my current business partner, …Read More

Pimp Your Android Homescreen With Buzz Launcher

Do you like to mod your Android homescreen? For some of us trying out different widgets, applying beautiful icons and wallpapers is a favorite pastime, however as responsibilities pile on in work and for studies, we may no longer have the luxury to ‘play’ with these customizations no more. This is when Buzz Launcher and its magic homepacks will help you get your desired homescreen ready in your device, in no time. It is really easy and straight forward …Read More

How iPhone Is Made: A Surprising Report on How Much of Apple’s Top Product is US-manufactured

Are the last chapters of the iPhone saga unfolding? Not by any stretch of imagination, if you ask the Apple faithful. Definitely starting, if you ask the Android challengers. The world and word war between Android and Apple just keeps escalating to ever greater heights, and has been the most engrossing story in business for quite a number of quarters now. Let’s not even talk courtroom battles and intellectual property clashes …Read More

Square Creates ‘Square Market,’ an Ecommerce Service for Businesses

Move over, Etsy and Shopify. Popular mobile-transactions startup Square is branching out beyond processing in-person payments. Starting today, it wants to help businesses sell their wares online, too. Square has created Square Marketplace, an ecommerce service allowing businesses to sell their products and services online. “People are already using Square on their smartphones and tablets to sell things offline,” says Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Square and Twitter. “With Square Market, they have an online marketplace that …Read More

4 Things A Snail Can Teach You About Online Marketing: Yes, That’s Right. We Said A Snail.

If you’ve watched much TV lately, or gone to the movies, you’ve probably seen trailers for the new DreamWorks movie that’s coming out about a speedy snail. Somehow or other the little guy ends up turbo charged and able to race against actual cars at the Indy 500. So, yeah. Not quite your average, everyday garden snail. Naturally, that got us here at Marketing Zen thinking. What could we learn …Read More

How to Create Conference Ready Blogger Businesss Cards

Like it or not, if you’re going to a conference any time soon, you need business cards to network effectively. Smart phones are great, but they just can’t compete with the advantages of a well-thought-out business card. Why Business Cards? Business cards are 100% reliable. Your smartphone could hit a black spot or unexpectedly run out of juice, but your card will keep going. Business cards are great because they …Read More