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DMOZ Submission


The Open Directory Project is one of the most important online website directories. All of the major Search Engines like Yahoo, dmoz2-e1351309128402Google, Bing, ASK etc give heavy importance to the DMOZ Directory. Once a website is listed in DMOZ, the backlink from DMOZ will dramatically Increase Website Ranking and Traffic. Each day thousands of websites are submitted to the DMOZ Directory but there are very few that get approved. The main reason behind this is DMOZ’s submission guidelines. The submission only gets approved only if the title, description and category chosen are relevant.

  • Dmoz is the most prestigious entirely manual web directory with a very high Page Rank. Websites listed in Dmoz get good benefits. Dmoz has a good reputation and it has strict rules and guidelines for submission.
  • A website can act as a stand-alone entity, but when one needs to make its website famous than we need to connect it to different tunnels in the cyber world. One tunnel is directory listings. Dmoz is the best and most prestigious web directory, websites listed in Dmoz is a token of verification.
  • We are proud of our listings track record. Our staff consists of experienced web gurus who have mastered Dmoz guidelines over years.
  • We can never guarantee more traffic but there are many factors which contribute to the success of a website.  Statistical data says that listing in Dmoz is highly beneficial to increase your website rankings.
Please note this does not guarantee inclusion in DMOZ, although following all DMOZ guidelines will increase your chances of inclusion.

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