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Drawbacks of Free Website Design

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Web designing can be done for free.

There are numerous free web design tool on the internet. Many times you really need to measure the cost of your decisions even if the decision costs you nothing.

Web designing templates and tools found free on internet can even hurt your business rather than making money online.

You must be thinking how it matters to the internet user for not using your site only because you use free designing templates and tools online. So you should know this fact in the beginning only that designing templates given free on internet are very limited. Which means that you don’t get too many options to choose. This also means that other websites will be using the same design as yours.


Also your design can be the same of some scam website which ultimately will make you fall in the same category. So for making money online you need to provide some professional touch to your website design. The look and the design of your website will reflect the reputation of your business. And hence you will not want it to be copied.

If your main priority is not marketing online or internet exposure than you can use free designing for your website. But for some real business you cannot afford to take the risk of free designing for your website just because you get it for free.

Other disadvantages of free web designs are:

  • You must be constantly looking for clients.
  • You have to be good at more than just Web Design.
  • Working alone can get very lonely.
  • You have to be disciplined and self-motivated.
  • If your office is in your home it can be very easy to end up working all the time.

Hence if you want to create a website only for yourself than you can always go for free web designs but if you are hoping to generate business out of it than free web designing is not your cup of tea!

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