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Fortune 500 companies and social media: bullish? Kinda.

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“2013 Fortune 500 are bullish on social media,” reads the admittedly clever-ish headline.

But are America’s top corporations finally getting onboard with content marketing and social media? Well…sorta…kinda; certainly more than in recent years, according to a new study produced by the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth.

“The 2013 Fortune 500 have now fully embraced new communications tools that have taken so many other sectors by storm,” reads the report’s conclusion. “In the past year, these business giants have increased their adoption of blogging by 6%, their use of Twitter for corporate communications by 4% and their use of Facebook pages by 4%. Sixty-nine percent of the 2013 F500 use YouTube, up from 7% last year.”

Oh, fluttering heart be still. Blogging is up 6 percent among top U.S. corporations and Twitter and Facebook use is up 4 percent. (Chances are the blogs are probably not about corporate CEO pay increases.)

The report goes on to point out 35 percent of the top corporations now have Google+ accounts…but half of those haven’t been used. At all.

Writing about the report, Mark Schaefer points out at his BusinessGrow blog that 77 percent of the Fortune 500 companies have Twitter accounts in 2013, a 70 percent increase over 2012. That’s significant.

And 171 of the Fortune 500 companies have corporate blogs – not exactly an overwhelming number, especially compared to the upstart INC 500 companies where 44 percent have blogs or non-profits and unversities where 63 percent and 66 percent (respectively) blog on a regular basis.

Seventy percent of the Fortune 500 have Facebook accounts and 69 percent have YouTube accounts. One would think they would connect the dots between YouTube and Google+…but maybe not.

The point is America’s top corporations are still very hesitant about social media, even more hesitant about blogging and content marketing.

Maybe that’s just as well. They would only be throwing us cookies.


Article Credit: http://www.relevanza.com/post.cfm/fortune-500-companies-and-social-media-bullish-kinda

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