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How to go Viral?

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As of today this video is just under 2 million views. I released it 4 days ago:

I know right? I’m just as surprised as you when a video as short and simple(and sweet) like that blows up. It’s like this every time. We have a “gamechanger” come out and then everyone’s confused. They just don’t get it. They sit back and wonder…WHYYYY?! That’s not even that special! How is this getting so many views?! That lucky bastard, I hate my life..

This is my theory which I’m 99% sure on. Most viral videos today don’t go viral by themselves. There’s almost always a third party with an enormous reach, a website, and more specific, a PERSON, ONE PERSON, that sees a video, decides they like it, and posts it on their largely followed site. I’m saying that whether or not a video goes viral is at the mercy of about 20 or so “powerful” people, people who choose what’s funny or not for their site, sites like Worldstarhiphop, wimp, dump, ebaumsworld, msn, yahoo, youtube, reddit, collegehumor, mashable, tosh.o blog, good morning america, etc.

A video doesn’t necessarily need to be THAT funny to blow up. It just needs to please these big sites enough for them to share it. Having it be slightly controversial, original, HD, always helps too.

Videos like gangam style and charlie bit my finger grew organically, that is, enough normal people shared and shared them because they actually thought it was funny and wanted their friends to see it. Now-a-days, it’s just rare for a video to blow up this way.

So in most cases, you get lucky. You keep making videos once a week, steady as a drum, you keep digging and digging, filming, digging, sooner or later you’ll strike oil. That’s just the way I look at it.

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Andrew Hales

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