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Make Your Momentum

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Check out Make Your Momentum, a new local clothing brand.

About Make Your Momentum


MAKE YOUR MOMENTUM believes that life’s momentum is the direct result of the human soul and mind in action. Make Your Momentum is a lifestyle brand for individuals who DREAM BIG + PUSH HARD to fulfill their desires and live more meaningful lives. We don’t claim to empower anyone, we simply encourage you to empower yourself.


MAKE YOUR MOMENTUM is not a motto; it’s a lifestyle attitude that will transform your life as it’s transformed ours. It’s a conscious decision one makes in the race to redefine one’s self-worth and authenticity. This phrase not only promotes self-awareness but sparks the idea that anything’s possible if you fully put your mind to it. We know this much because we’re proof of that. We started out as an idea only supported by a message which struck a chord and inspired us. We gave this idea a firm foundation for growth and the idea grew wings. Without generating momentum this thought wouldn’t stand a chance to take flight and soar as it was so destined to do.

We started this business the best way we knew how, though a t-shirt doesn’t completely justify the philosophy. It’s yourdesire and how badly you want it. It’s your drive and how far you’ll go to get it. It’s those characteristics that inspire perseverance and gratification, the means to a conceptually limitless life.

Not only does Make Your Momentum inspire from within, but our goals as a company are to give back to our communities and the folks unable to make their own momentum and a portion of each sale will be donated to local non-profit organizations. With a message we proudly stand behind and the help from you, we will continue to make great impacts in the lives of others and the lives of ourselves.

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