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Should You Have a Facebook Page if You Sell a Super-Niche Product?

Only 2 million people in this country own horses, so just by selling a horse-specific product you’ve screened out more than 99% of the population. Does it make sense then to go on a mass market medium like Facebook? Pamela Carr thinks so. Carr, who works as a senior marketing manager for ecommerce at the Chicago Tribune Media Group, is working on a side project called Alleva-Wave, a new business …Read More

5 Hidden Benefits of Social Media Marketing

If you’re among the business owners or executives who got interested in social media marketing because of its potential to deliver new customers, you may be overlooking some important “hidden” benefits of social media marketing. Overlooking these benefits can be a problem, because it usually takes time to build your social media presence to the point that you can link it reliably to sales. These “hidden” benefits, however, often kick …Read More

5 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Social Media Strategy

People make mistakes, and so do businesses. Social media marketing is one place where it’s all too easy to make mistakes that can have long-lasting effects on your social media strategy or company reputation. There are many kinds of mistakes that can hurt your social media strategy, but here are five that can actually ruin a social media strategy. They’re easy to make, and difficult to overcome. Luckily, they’re also …Read More