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What Facebook’s Graph Search Means for You and Your Facebook Page

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(1/14/13 – 10:30 am PST) Breaking News: Facebook just announced a new feature they are rolling out called Graph Search (currently in beta.)

What is Graph Search?

A way to search within your network. Facebook is calling it the 3rd pillar. The 1st being the news feed (what are your friends doing) and the 2nd being your timeline (what have you been doing.) Adding search means you can now search within your network for what’s relevant to you. Examples: who else lives in Dallas? what restaurants have my friends tried in LA? who likes Game of Thrones? Show photos before 1980.

Why does Graph Search matter?

It makes it easier for you to learn and engage more within your network. For example, lets say you have an extra ticket to an upcoming concert for Dido but you don’t know which of your friends would be interested. You can now do a search. Or, let’s say you are visiting London and want to know which of your friends has visited so you can ask for recommendations.

What does Graph Search mean for businesses?

It means every business serious about being found should now have a Facebook page. And, keeping your page updated will lead to more engagement. The domino effect (friends of friends liking pages) becomes more prominent – the more likes you get today, the more likes it will lead to in the future. I imagine Graph Search will also provide more demographic information for page admins. And, I am betting sponsored posts will get even more play.

How can you get Graph Search?

You can join the wait list here: http://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch