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Will Google Hummingbird Change Your SEO Strategy?

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As experts in internet marketing, we’re in the business of giving our SEO clients in Reno the most up to date best practices. 

It’s never a great idea to scrap everything because something new is coming out, but there are a few changes on the horizon that everyone should be aware of.google-hummingbird

Google has announced a few updates that could change things slightly.

These changes include:

• Google Hummingbird

• The encryption of all search data

• The shift to a new Keyword Planner tool

Google Hummingbird is more dialed in for understanding the intent of longer search queries as well as spoken and natural language search queries. For example, queries that come from iPhone Siri searches, like “What’s the best SEO company in Reno?”

Traditionally, Google would focus on the words “SEO Company+ Reno” for that query and rank your results accordingly. Now, the entire query becomes more of a factor.

This will become massively important for internet marketing in Reno Nevada—particularly in trying to own your local SEO presence.

Experts are predicting two things:

1. Websites will now have to do a better job of matching their content to longer queries and longer SEO questions.

2. Google will favour websites that deliver a better mobile experience for users.

Content remains king. That hasn’t changed. The companies that publish relevant and fresh content on their sites will continue to thrive. If they do it correctly, they may even distance themselves even further from more complacent competitors.

The bottom line: if your company already has a targeted SEO strategy, you’re ahead of the game for competitive internet marketing in places like Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

However, you might want to revisit your keyword strategy to lock down specific words for longer queries. You also will want to make sure you have a mobile site, so you’re not missing out on people asking questions about your industry from their phones.

If you have any questions about internet marketing in Reno, Nevada, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time.